Historicon DAY 2! (Really Day 4) – Complete

Historicon is over for another year! We had a great turn out! We had players come by and try out the game, and you guys (you know who you are!) seemed to really enjoy it! Drop by our forum and see discussions about Galactic Meltdown. We looked forward to hearing from everyone else who dropped by and checked out the game and from people who showed interest in the game from the different tables and booths we stopped at.

We are moving forward and continue developing Galactic Meltdown. In the coming months look for sections providing background information about the factions in Galactic Meltdown, well known places, and starships.

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Historicon DAY 1! (Really Day 3)

We’re here! We are at Historicon 2011, looking around, seeing the sites. Having adventures. We’ll see you Sunday at 2PM at table Z-359! I mean at table LE-33, but we are game Z-359 in the conference book.

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Galactic Meltdown at Historicon

Come see Galactic Meltdown in action at Historicon 2011. We’ll be at table Z-359 on Sunday at 2PM. The first 4 to register or show up get to play. Even if you aren’t in time to play, we’ll be handing out some free copies of the Galactic Meltdown Beta Rulebook.

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Quotes in Development:

“Use the one with lasers in it!” -Dustin

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Justice Games Intro

Welcome to Justice Games! Our main site is coming soon!

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